Rental of space equipment

Of course, you don't have to buy an entire exhibition if you only need a space suit for a photo session or as an eye-catcher for a trade fair stand. Our clients in this field are advertising agencies, photo studios, TV stations, exhibition stand builders, etc. Here are two examples from Bayerischer Rundfunk: Video1 and Video2

Since the objects are usually quite unique and therefore very valuable, we rent them out in principle only after conclusion of a contract, which we send to you by fax or e-mail. The prices listed below are regularly specified according to the purchase prices and auction results achieved worldwide. (as of January 2023)

  Rental price (one week) Insured value (EUR)
USA Space Shuttle LES space suit (red, "Armageddon") 990,- 25.000,-
Helmet single 670,- 8.500,-
USA Space Shuttle EMU exit suit (white) 700,- 9.000,-
Helmet single 450,- 5.000,-
USA Mercury space suit USA (silver) complete with boots 700,- 10.000,-
Helmet single 430,- 3.800,-
Russian SOKOL-KW-2 mockup for Soyuz- RS for tightening (white) 900,- 20.000,-
Associated pair of boots (grey, size 43) single 120,- 800,-
Russian MSK-5 flight suit (similar to the SK-1 space suit of Gagarin) 550,- 4.200,-
Helmet single 270,- 1.850,-
USA Apollo moon suit #2 (white, double layer, without backpack, otherwise complete)* 900,- 14.000,-
USA Apollo moon suit #1 (partly thin, white cover with traces of use, without backpack, otherwise complete)* 800,- 11.500,-
USA Apollo moon suit #3 (very detailed, "used look", with backpack)* 800,- 11.000,-
Backpack Apollo #1 or #2 single 400,- 2.600,-
Backpack Apollo #3 single (suitable for Space Shuttle EMU) 300,- 2.200,-
Helmet single Apollo #1 (gold visor not transparent) 400,- 2.100,-
Helmet single Apollo #2 (gold visor not transparent) 480,- 2.800,-
Helmet single Apollo #3 (no clear view visor, gold visor transparent) 390,- 2.300,-
Moonboots Apollo #1 to #3 single (hard or soft sole) 350,- 2.500,-
Sapce clothing    
Cool underwear for russ. Orlan suit (white or blue) 400,- 3.700,-
Cool underwear for USA-Apollo suit (grey) 600,- 8.500,-
russian Load suit Penguin (light blue/dark blue) 380,- 4.200,-
russian Load suit Penguin, Bowersox, flown (ISS) 590,- 6.500,-
Flightsuit Sergeij Treschjow (dark green, flown on ISS) 380,- 3.000,-
Heat-Overall Anatoly Solowjow (flown on Mir-Station) 500,- 5.000,-
russian Overall from the Mir-Station (light green) 300,- 2.500,-
russian Suit "Forel" for emergency ditching (orange) 300,- 3.200,-
equipment items    
Sleeping bag from russ. Space station or ISS 300,- 3.500,-
Bicycle ergometer WB-4 from russ. Space Station* 400,- 4.800,-
Spacecraft toilet (Soyuz orbital cabin) 400,- 3.200,-
Porthole of the Soyuz landing capsule (TMA-06), 33cm, flown* 450,- 5.000,-
Front window of the Soviet Union. Buran space glider (67cm, 30kg!)* 420,- 4.500,-
Russian communication cap with headphones and microphones 300,- 1.500,-
Main switches, lights, portholes (Soyuz and Buran), controls (docking, landing), heat protection material (e.g. tiles), tools, space food, hygiene articles, on-board pharmacy, moon dust, etc. on request  
Space gloves    
Russian space glove Orlan for exits into space 320...600,- 2.000...5.000,-
Russian space glove Sokol for the spaceship Soyuz 300...350,- 1.500...3.500,-
russian outer glove flown, only overglove 380...480,- 2.500...4.000,-
USA space shuttle exit glove, outer cover 550,- 4.500,-
russian overshoe "Orlan", signed by Anatoly Solowjow 450,- 3.000,-
scale models    
Marsrover Sojourner (NASA, 70x50cm, 14kg)* 580,- 6.800,-
Mars aircraft and spaceship project, 1952, 130cm wingspan 1.000,- 8.000,-
ESA X-ray satellite XMM (wingspan 1.90m, 16 kg)* 440,- 4.500,-
Weather Satellite Meteosat (153cm, h=82cm, 12kg)* 300,- 3.300,-
Solar Satellite Cluster (172cm, h=37cm + boom, 14kg)* 300,- 3.500,-
Comet probe Giotto (155cm, h=78cm, 11kg)* 360,- 4.000,-
European satellite EURECA (wingspan 1.45m; 2.5kg)* 390,- 4.200,-
Launch rocket Ariane 44LP VOL 42 (h=1,40m, 5kg) 300,- 3.800,-
Space shuttle orbiter Discovery, plastic (1:72, 51cm, 1.5kg) 150,- 950,-
Space shuttle orbiter Atlantis, plastic (1:100, 37cm, 1 kg) 100,- 750,-
Astronaut and cosmonaut figures and (Soviet) busts on request
as 1:144-version there are about 250 more different models available    
space travel toy    
over 350 different vehicles, spaceships, astronauts, robots, branded figures etc., mostly made of sheet metal 30...500,- 50...1.500,-
Large format picture material    
The best space photos, mounted, 80x100cm, per piece 60,- 150,-
textile photo back Moon / Apollo 15 (2.60x2,90m) with stand* 170,- 1.600,-
textile photo back wall space station ISS (2.60x2.60m) with stand* 170,- 1.500,-

Prices: net without VAT, payable in advance or on account with 14 days payment period

Prices abroad: prepayment, without VAT if international VAT identification number is available

Discounts: up to 20 percent if several objects are borrowed at the same time.
for exhibition in showcase (up to 15 percent)
for collection and return by the customer (negotiable)
Discount exclusion: Travelling exhibitions (road shows) and outdoor use

Shipping costs: if applicable by GO! courier service in Germany: delivery at our expense, return at the expense of the borrower; if not applicable: Collection and return at the expense of the hirer; abroad: at the expense of the hirer.

Insurance: in case of postal or courier service dispatch by us: from arrival at the hirer until return to us at the expense of the hirer; in case of collection by the hirer: FOB Mittweida at the expense of the hirer.

longer rental period: one additional week: plus 50% of the weekly price; one day beyond the contract: plus 15% of the agreed rental price

shorter loan period: negotiated individually.

Contractual basis: a contract countersigned by both parties according to the previous model (also accepted as a fax in case of time pressure).

* These objects cannot be sent by post. They are either sent by courier service or picked up by the client by vehicle here / brought back here. The assembly must be carried out by experts or will be demonstrated here on site.