Historical space toys...

...on a solid space homepage? To be honest, we weren't quite sure at the beginning. However, when we first provided a display case for a space travel toy at an exhibition (in Dresden), the success was already foreseeable shortly after the opening. People crowded in front of their tin comrades and we heard the remarks:

"I used to have something like that. It's a good thing someone kept it."

"Yes, that's an old tin spaceship! Did something like that really fly into space?"

And the children were thrilled anyway.

Later, a television company lent out lots of toys, because the film about the Asimo robot should also inspire the children.

All this proved us right not only to include these toys, the oldest of which date back to the 1930s, in the rental programme, but also to create a very special exhibition. For the first time, a collector has not only described the toys themselves, but has also researched the history of exactly these forms and depictions. Hundreds of references in the space literature and of course the active space flight itself were evaluated. Since when, for example, have these typical specific streamlines existed? Do they have real models? What does a real space suit look like and what does it take to really fly to the moon? We were able to find enough "hardware" from our pool of several thousand objects to illustrate these aspects.

Let yourself be enchanted by the nostalgic spaceships, the impressive rockets, the lunar vehicles and the astronauts in their bulky space suits!