Space Travel Museum Mittweida

There are no guided tours anymore - only "cosmonaut training" (approx. 60 - 90 minutes)
Three lessons are "taught":

  • Rocket technology (very short and not difficult at all, with examination question)
  • Space suits (one or two of the group may wear one, do not forget the camera!)
  • Life in space, better in weightlessness (practical exercise: sampling space food together)

The training ends with the ceremonial presentation of the "Mittweida Cosmonaut Diploma" (MKD). This procedure, which is unique in Germany, costs a one-time fee of 60 euros per week or 70 euros per weekend for groups of up to 12 people. From the 13th person onwards, a surcharge of 5 euros per person is levied.

Suitable for all age groups between six and 100 years, but especially for birthdays, team-building measures and families.

Opening hours:
by appointment only | Phone: +49 3727 90811